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Alberta Falls


 Beautiful Alberta Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Aspen Slope

Fall colors, Aspen

Vivid fall colors of Aspen and Evergreen on a Rocky Mountain slope.

Bear Lake Trail

Fall colors, Colorado

Fall colors are everywhere on this trail in Rocky Mountain National Park

Bierstadt Snowtrail

Line drawing snow scene snow trail

Snowshoe trail near Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain, Colorado.

Bierstadt Trio

snow trail pine trees snowshoeing

The clean and quiet of mountain snowshoeing.

Colorado Sunset


The beauty of a Colorado Sunset.

Emerald Lake

mountain lake

Beautiful Emerald Lake and Hallett Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Gentle Falls

waterfall, mountain stream

Horseshoe Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Hallett Sunrise

Hallett Peak, Bear Lake, sunrise, Colorado

Hallett Peak and Bear Lake at sunrise in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Longs Peak Clouds

mountain, clouds, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park's highest peak and the afternoon clouds,

Odessa Lake Trail


The trail to Odessa Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Sleeping Aspen


An Aspen grove dormant until Spring.

Timberline Falls

waterfall, Colorado

Timberline Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Leadville Swallows

Tree Swallows,

Nesting Tree Swallows at North America's highest airport

Sentry Pika

Pika, Colorado

A pika, a member of the rabbit family stands guard.

Hiayaha Wildflower


On the trail to Lake Haiyaha.

Mountain Columbines

mountain columbine

Colorado's State Flower in white.

 A set of four.

Mountain Columbines

Mountain Columbine

 Colorado's State Flower in black.
A set of four.

Mountain Daisy

wildflower, daisy

Wildflower daisy along the trail.

17th Street


An abstract view of Denver's architecture.

Color Canyon


A canyon wall on the trial to Alberta Falls.

Fallen Tree


The colors hidden in a fallen tree are brought out into the open for all to see.

Fire or Ice


A surreal landscape that gives you a choice; 

Fire or Ice

Perfectly Parallel


Parallel?  Perfectly?  Really? 

What's in a name?

Sepia Pine


Intricate lines make up this pine tree on a sepia toned background.

Ypsilon Tree


Natural beauty

Dawn Eclipse


The eclipsing moon sets behind the mountain as the dawn reflects off the village windows.

Golden Moonset


Fall colors and purple mountains while the moonlight reflects off the clouds.

Longs Peak Moonset


A break in the clouds allows the moon to cast it's reflection.

Ridgeline Moon


The setting full moon shows the detail of the ridgeline.

Setting In The Pink


Sunrise and a setting full moon make for spectacular color 

Gentle Falls B&W


Roaring River in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado



A lone tree and the Colorado Front Range.

Ypsilon Tree B&W


Natural beauty in black and white.